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Hey, this is Mags

A marketer at heart, a digital marketing maven and a proponent of digital transformation. My positive mindset and determination to succeed brought over 27 years of experience in travel, tourism, e-commerce startups, and technology solutions. This helped build my grit and skills for online channels, sales, marketing and operations.​My work experience and love for travel offer a cohesive perspective that has helped me understand the journey of what travelers hope to see on a travel brand's business and social media pages. My goal is to help travel professionals become more comfortable, creative and efficient in implementing digital marketing strategies.

Get ready for a game-changing experience, designed exclusively for travel professionals and business owners!

At, we're working diligently behind the scenes to bring you fresh, invaluable content that's tailor-made to elevate your digital journey.

Stay tuned, because we're about to unveil a world of digital possibilities crafted with your industry in mind. Whether you're a travel pro or a business owner, we've got something extraordinary in store for you.

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Travel Technology
Accelerate Your Social Media Marketing To The Next Level by Maggie Salvador
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Our social media marketing eBook is now available for download!

Accelerate Your Social Media Marketing to the Next Level

What you'll learn

  • Social Media Marketing Tips and Tricks

  • Growth Hacks and Ways to Amplify your Social Media Initiatives

  • Ignite your love for Travel Marketing

  • Downloadable templates for Content Marketing, Planning, and Execution

  • Build a solid understanding of Social Media Marketing for Travel Professionals 


This marketing ebook is the only social media marketing blueprint that is written by an industry practitioner in the Philippines. The only social media blueprint that teaches not just tactical but also strategic initiatives to amplify your social media marketing to the next level!

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I have used these strategies for different travel companies and learned from the experts in the numerous courses I’ve attended to develop and improve my craft.  And,  I’ve also shared the same strategies with friends and entrepreneurs so that they could improve their social media marketing strategies too!


And I know these little-known social media marketing secrets will work for you. Just take a look at what others are saying about the book "Accelerate Your Social Media Marketing to the Next Level" because if this social media marketing book proved to be insightful for these industry experts, imagine what it can do for you!!!

What they say

Kathrine Nagal

Kathrine Nagal,

Academic Staff, UST CTHM

"Your book is sooo COOL and fun to read! Very direct to the point, and practical."
Mary Ann Ong

Mary Ann Ong

VP PHILTOA | Hospitality and Travel Executive

"The tips are easy to follow, doable and guaranteed to kickstart your social media marketing strategy, taking it a notch higher than the ordinary. That the tips are specially targeted to travel professionals to increase their reach is an advantage because other e-books may not necessarily focus on the hospitality industry."
Shaira Garcia

Shaira Garcia,

Master of International Marketing

"This quick guide is definitely worth the read! It gives a lot of significant insights about establishing your own unique brand by highlighting the use of elements and strategies needed for effective social media marketing. Highly recommended for any travel professional who's interested in jumpstarting their brand value and their presence on social media platforms."
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Ignite your love for travel technology and digital marketing
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